Barend & Trees Present: GINO VANNELLI and the European SLOW LOVE tour.
Hamburg Show (Part 1) March 29th, 1999:

Speaking about LOVE and we know LOVE in the English and American language is something else than in Holland, in Holland LOVE has a deeper meaning and we do not say the word LOVE that many times, but when we use it when we really, really mean LOVE deep from the heart!! Like the lovesongs on GINO'S SLOW LOVE album.

The GINO VANNELLI SLOW LOVE live concerts were really a LOVE experience!!

Anyway the amount of LOVE, kindness, sweetness, friendship we felt last week was totally and completely overwelming and breathtaking and this LOVE hitted us deep, very deep in our hearts and souls for sure!!!! And we will never ever forget this week with GINO till we die and we will bring these memories with us after we died to the Music heaven. We are non-religeous people but now we know for sure that there must be some kind of a God somewhere. We are treated in such A VERY GOOD WAY that we are still very emotional and shy about this GINO VANNELLI adventure. GINO and ALL the Musicians, all the Men from the crew, the Tour-Manager, the sound-engineer and the light-engineer, almost ALL the Fans we met, people who worked in the venues, people who we did not know, who came to introduce themselves because they saw us on the GINO VANNELLI website! EVERYBODY!!!!! Yes JASON this website of yours is really, really FAMOUS all over the World.

And my, oh my, your website helped really well for all the people we spoke with, it was for most GINO VANNELLI Fans the only way to know about GINO's live concerts for sure!!!!!!!! If your website was not there we dare not to think what should have happened??

Anyway : lets get started! We were so uncertain to decide where to go, but after this GINO VANNELLI adventure, we know we decided the right thing. Sunday 28 March 1999 we decided to go for Hamburg Germany, we e-mailed for tickets to the Fabrik, because you ALL know that we do NOT want to take any advantage of anyone or from any situation, so we try to live on our principles and the only way to support GINO in a big way is buying tickets and albums!!!! Even when it made some of the Musicians mad that we bought our own tickets, isn't it PAUL ???? Hahahaha!!! PAUL BROCHU is not only a FANTASTIC SUPERB DRUMMER but also a GREAT personallity!!!! Next Mondaymorning 29 March 1999 we drove to Hamburg, about 500kilometers. Great drive with OF COURSE GINO VANNELLI music and we tried to sing along with the lyrics, a real problem for us, but we enjoyed it like crazy. With in our heads the GINO VANNELLI live concert this night!!! WOW!!!!!!! We got real, really excited now!! We were talking about that time we drove OTMARO RUIZ from Hamburg to Gütersloh and what a great day that was!! And how fantastic it was to talk with OTMARO for hours, so Barend was joking around : wait till we have GINO in our car!!!! This was even too crazy to talk and joke about, anyway we had so much fun and the ride was already a start into GINO VANNELLI HEAVEN.

We arrived at the Fabrik about 2 o'clock, people were building all the equipment on stage, there is where we first met EEF, sorry EEF if we write your name wrong. Very nice guy!! He introduced himself as GINO's soundengineer and he told us to sit down and that GINO will come about later this afternoon, we had to get back to the hotel to take a bath and change clothes, we did and went back around late in the afternoon. Paul Brochu was already drumming and now at last we had the chance to give him the TV show in which he drums with GINO, Barend spoke with Paul and later Paul came to Trees to say hello, he said if we want we can listen to the soundcheck, NO PROBLEM !! We walked around the Fabrik, very historical place, it is an old bombfactory with still machines inside and for the GINO VANNELLI live concert an incredible excellent place. Barend still talking with Paul and Trees steeling all the programbooks which she could find with GINO's name in it for our collection, the German GINO VANNELLI concert poster was impossible to steel because they did it with wallpaperglue on the walls in Hamburg, anyway Trees still steeling programs and there was a kind of German magazine with an article about GINO, while reading this article Trees heard something behind her and looked behind her and YESSSSSSSSS guess who was there with the most impressive and honest BIG smile, YESSSSSS GINO saying: Hey Trees how are you????? Immediately hugging and kissing her on the cheeks, WOW!!!!! GINO looked really FANTASTIC, happy eyes, big smile, good shape and most important as sweet as always, it really felt like He is our Brother!! GINO was dressed in the most coolest coat we have ever seen, WOW!!! A very beautiful long, very long black coat!! GINO knows how to dress and the most important he wears what he likes and in which he feels good!! FANTASTIC!!!!

GINO hitted me (Trees) deep, very deeply in my heart, I got real emotional inside, at that moment because he immediately asked me : " where is BAREND ??????" And GINO could say Barend's name perfect, very perfect!!! OH MY GOD WHAT AN EXPERIENCE AND WHAT A GOOD FEELING!
So I told GINO that Barend is inside talking with Paul Brochu and GINO went straight to Barend and hugged Him too!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!! What a Friend, nothing fake all true and honest emotions!!!!!! Really like a Brother.

You ALL can believe it or not but we BOTH were very emotional and had tears in our eyes, yessss Barend too and we BOTH have absolutely NO shame in our hearts and we really do not care what other people think about this, we both will NOT cry easy but this past week we did!!!!! GINO gave us both this feeling of relaxation and peace and freedom! We felt so comfortable around Him without being pushy!! Because we hate being pushy and impudent.

GINO said immediately we could stay if we want with the soundchecks and backstage etcccc… real soon we met DAVID GOLDBLATT, Barend wanted to take some pictures of David behind the GEM piano and Barend asked him if this was okay, to send these pictures to our Friend, David asked who is that Friend, Barend said OTMARO RUIZ , HUHHHHH do you know OTMARO ??????? Paul Brochu said yes of course Barend knows OTMARO and David very honestly said if you are OTMARO'S friend than you are my friend too, and it clicked between us immediately. Now we know why he is OTMARO RUIZ friend, my, oh my what a very, very NICE and sweet Man, same quality as GINO and OTMARO, we mean as a Musician and as a person!!!!!!!!

David was very excited and he told us His wife is pregnant and that they will have a Baby very soon, around the end of May and he was sooo very proud and talked very sweet about his wife, again real love in Davids eyes, he missed his Wife like crazy too and was really looking forward to the birth of His first child. He told us that OTMARO, yessssssss our own Master of the Grandpiano will replace him on the 27th of May in the South of the USA, and South-America, because David wants to stay with His wife. And that is something we could understand very, very MUCH!!!!! After talking with David we can totally understand why he is a BIG Friend of GINO and OTMARO and than the way he plays is really breathtaking, he plays the same GEM piano as Otmaro and the intro to HURTS TO BE IN LOVE was really, really OUTSTANDING!!!! We were so lucky that we could hear it 4 times!!

During the soundcheck GINO sat down next to Barend and pinched Barend in his knee, in a very friendly way and asked how are my Dutch Friends doing???????? We talked a while and in the meanwhile recognized the tunes during the soundcheck, WHEELS OF LIFE, KING FOR A DAY , WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We could not wait for the concert!!

The soundcheck took more than 4 hours and the people were waiting outside to get in. Der Fabrik is very cosy and we prayed that there was enough audience and yes there was, pretty full and cosy, soon we started talking with people and people came to us because they saw our picture on the internet and on GINO VANNELLI's website. We asked people why they did not write on the chat page, but for a lot of German people writing in English is very difficult and a German GINO VANNELLI fan told us that German people cannot handle e-mail yet, we were very surprised about that because German people are always first in row with new technology. Anyway they knew about GINO because of the website and that is very important because the promotion of GINO's concerts is just horrorible and it makes you very mad and sick! That's why we are sooooo very happy that people still come to these SUPERB GINO VANNELLI live concerts.

My,oh my, we were and still are so impressed by GINO'S LIVE PERFORMANCE, His voice, His musicians, His condition, His everything!!!!!! WOW!!!! what a power!! The audience went totally crazy in a very good way, the good vibes blow between GINO, PAUL, LUC, DAVID, FRANCOIS, ALAIN and MARCO and the people in the audience, like musical lightning and thunder, oh my goodness this GINO VANNELLI LIVE CONCERT was beyond every expectation, GINO's top shape and condition were amazing and his dancing and moving were just too wild for words. This GINO VANNELLI live concert did our hearts so good, a real energy medicine!! While our GREAT FRANCOIS D'AMOUR or FRANKY LOVE played His solo, geezzz what a Musician Franky is, our very deepest respect for Him too!!! GINO took BOTH our hands, shaked our hands in a way that hitted us again in our hearts, very deep and gave us this smile, oh my God this said everything!!
All the happy eyes of the Musicians, they gave us these special looks, we were hit by there kindness in our hearts again....again and again.

GINO started with BLACK CARS, so we did not expect STAY WITH ME but yessss he did STAY WITH ME when they came back, WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KING FOR A DAY already made us crazy and than STAY WITH ME!!! The expressions on GINO'S face singing KING FOR DAY and the way his muscles blow up in his neck was just major impressive and totally out of this world. SLOW LOVE and the looks at us both made us really pinch each other and it brought tears, real tears in our eyes. The Spanish song : TIERRAS DE AMORES Y SOMBRAS was SUPER, SUPER OUSTANDING and we talked with GINO about the high and very long notes and he explained that it is sometimes very scary to do and to know the right time to stop and GINO said when it feels good I can go on and on………………and on..... WOW !!!!!! What a Man, what a quality, what a talen !!!!!! The audience yelled and applauded very enthusiastic and wanted more and more…….

We had 6 packages on stage for the Musicians, it looked a little bit like flowers, the way it was packed, so we had to give this to the musicians on the right time. But GINO understood perfectly what we wanted to do, because we did this before in The Hague, Holland. When they came back for an "encore" GINO came to us and immediately directed everything and gave all the Musicians our THANK YOU "flowers"!!!! WOW!!!!!! GINO really understands that we want to thank all the Musicians too! Trees said to GINO: " Not for you GINO!!!" We gave GINO His package later, when we had a more private moment.

After the show we talked with MICHAEL and his wife Judy, very nice couple and they drove hours to see GINO and had to drive hours back in the night, Michael is a real true GINO VANNELLI Fan too and his wife loved the show. We were overrunned by people asking things about GINO and his music and we could tell alot and we wrote a lot of names and address down to mail GINO GOODIES To.

We hope the CD sales will increase because GINO DESERVES THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We owe it to GINO to help him sell his excellent music. We are non-musicians and we do not know nothing about music or sounds but we know how to appreciate good Music and good Musicians.

We sat down with a nice cold drink with Paul Brochu and we had a very nice conversation, suddenly GINO came to us and he started to hug us both again and this felt so good again, he knew how we loved his live perfomance and he could see and feel our happyness and love for His music and His live performance!!!

We did not bother Him because he was talking to Fans and giving authographs. But we could help out with making pictures of GINO and his German Fans. These people were so very happy we did that, because they had no camera, because it was NOT allowed to take pictures in Der Fabrik. Quickly the Fans had to write down their names so we can mail them the pictures and WOW!!!! these pictures ended up really good. We can imagine the faces when they see these pictures with GINO, it will be a good shock for them and a dream come true. IF ONLY GINO COULD FEEL HOW MANY PEOPLE HE MADE HAPPY with all his live concerts, we tried to tell him that too and that it is a real medicine to go to GINO VANNELLI live concerts, true energy and vitamin hits in the hearts of the people in the audiences.

Anyway we talked with GINO and he told us to come to Tilburg in the afternoon, we hugged again and said goodbye. A GINO VANNELLI live concert and His hugs 3 times a day that is what a human being needs, nothing fake, real true honesty, right from His heart, what does a human being need more??????? And we both mean that in a kind of BROTHER TO BROTHER / SISTER way!!!!!




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