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cd with the amazing GINO VANNELLI duets:
A Rose In A December
Put The Weight On My Shoulders

Yessssssssss Gino signed this CD-booklet, you can read this in our (B&T) amazing and adventurous GINO VANNELLI Denmark 1997 Story (part two)

1997 the year we discovered for the very first time : A ROSE IN DECEMBER and TENDER LIES more......MASTERPIECES by GINO VANNELLI found in a country far from our home, this nice country of Denmark in which we felt very at home!!! Those super nice days in April 1997 in Denmark...


Already years ago on the American tv but now at last on the Dutch TV:
ATTENTION HOLLAND Thursdaynight 15/16th and 22/23rd of March 2001 so take care because you have to program your videorecorder on the 16 th !!!! and on the 23rd !!!! VERY TRICKY SO PAY ATTENTION if you really want to hear the ROSE IN DECEMBER MUSIC in a very emotional way and as a duet with Gino's Son ANTON VANNELLI!!!
We think, no........we know now for sure : part 2 will be on air next week March the 22th in the night.

Channel Veronica, commercial TV at 00.30 so half past 12 in the night, my, oh my what a time !!!???

Walker Texas Ranger with Chuck Norris.
Title : Lucas.
Two Parts : 15 March 2001 "Lucas (1)" and 22 March 2001 "Lucas (2)"

From an American TV guide :
Airdate USA : October 11 / 1997. Part 1.
Airdate USA : October 18 / 1997. Part 2.
Production Information : 6.3. ----Lucas, Pt1.
Written by : Nick Corea; Story by : Chuck Norris ("Cordell Walker")& Aaron Norris; Directed by : Michael Preece. Walker befriends a boy found locked in a closet after a drug raid, which the boy's addict mother and her armed boyfriend fled from. Song included "Roses in December", sung by GINO VANNELLI & ANTON VANNELLI.

A few words from the editirs (B&T):
Everybody can say or think what they want about the Walker Texas Ranger TV series, we only give our own opinion and feelings about this 2 parts of the show and about Gino Vannelli's most beautiful, emotional and touching musical work of art : A ROSE IN DECEMBER.
The so called intelligent, bright and smart people attacked us already 10 million times by saying and writing that this show is silly, stupid and that the people of this show have no talent for acting. We disagree completely and totally and especially these 2 episodes of "Lucas" deserve an award, and we feel NO shame in our hearts to say this or write this. but hey everybody has a right to his or hers own opinion, that is what people teach us. ANYWAYS............and even when you think these series are bad or you do not like it, it has a BIG message for the World !!! Children who did not ask for it get AIDS because of the bad world of drugs and criminals and parents who treat their children in a bad and horrible way and some of these kids with AIDS die a terrible and lonesome death too !!!

We have to tell about the Walker Texas Ranger shows, we both always liked Chuck Norris for his personality and for his work in the Martial arts, first time we saw Chuck Norris was in a Bruce Lee movie called the "Way Of The Dragon".
Chuck Norris made a lot of movies, good, bad and impressive but these 2 episodes of "Lucas" made a huge impression on us both !!! And yes ofcourse Gino Vannelli's music, voice and Anton Vannelli's voice helped very much to make this story more touching and emotional.......... and yes ofcourse we watched this show because of GINO VANNELLI and ANTON VANNELLI but still the message of this show is important and BIG !!

Go see and listen to it and maybe you can record these 2 episodes and watch the shows again and listen again to the greatness and deep emotions of this MUSIC and the way Gino and Anton sing with deep emotions from their hearts.

when you listen well you can already hear the piano playing the tune of A ROSE IN DECEMBER soon.....and when Gino starts singing A ROSE INDECEMBER :

"why young and tender....... "

Your heart will cry and you will feel deep emotions and Gino's Music adds BIG quality to these shots and scenes.
The scenes and shots of Walker and Lucas are so touching and beautiful, the shots in nature, the free nature with the Horses, all kind of emotions : death, birth, shame, the fight against drugs, happyness, sorrow, despair, Indian history and .........Walker trying to give this child some beauty in his short life.

The right that all children with aids should have but will never get!!!

We have deep respect for the people who made and created this show with this impressive way to show the horrible situation of a child with aids and the people (adults) around this child make it even worse for Lucas to live a good life like a child and those adults live with the knowledge that Lucas has only a very short life to live. It is really world-shaking to see how this innocent child is ignored and isolated after people know he has aids. When the words aids is out people and children will avoid Lucas forever.... And imagine the horror, despair and fear this child already lived through with a Mother who is a drugs addict and who lived in the dark world with a dark soul between the drugs and criminals and who gave her child AIDS for free and a life in hell, deep dark hell !!!
A child's life with fear..deep black dark fear........
And he still has the strength, power and courage to love his Mom.

And now everybody can say hey it's only a movie but this really happens all over the the USA, in Africa, in Holland, in Australia .....everywhere !!!

The way Chuck Norris creates this role is breathtaking a real role with character. and the way Lucas ( Haley Joel Osment as Lucas Simms ) plays this part is just unbelievable and beyond words. BIG COURAGE IN A LITTLE PACKAGE !!! If there is something your heart

wants : Do it !!!
A very brave young man.

It's very touching and real beautiful to see how this child should be treated and how this child Lucas deserves a joyful livable and bearable life A CHILD NEEDS TO BE A CHILD even when it's a very short life.
And you all can imagine what big impact GINO VANNELLI's music has in these 2 episodes of Lucas, you have to see it for yourself and you have to hear the music !!
A ROSE IN DECEMBER is the work of a MUSICAL GENIUS and the voices of Gino and Anton hit you in the middle of your heart and deep into your soul.

On the USA videotapes we see at the end the credits and yes, we see the names of GINO VANNELLI and ANTON VANNELLI..................

Enjoy it feels very wrong to write down in this situation but be sure you have tissues and do not be ashamed for the true emotions you feel during these 2 episodes of LUCAS.

If you feel the need to write your feelings down do not hesitate to e-mail so we can put your reactions on this webpage with your permission ofcourse !! B&T

We have to tell the world about :


The most beatiful, emotional, sensitive and accessible GINO VANNELLI song!!!

The editors e-mailed all Freddie Mercury Fans we know on the internet to tell them about the FRIENDS FOR LIFE album, and we were very surprised that some Freddie Mercury Fans did not know about this album.
Everybody knows about the Barcelona album but not about FRIENDS FOR LIFE So we feel the need to tell as much as we can about this amazing album, AND THESE TWO BEAUTIFUL, TOUCHING and EMOTIONAL DUETS :
A ROSE IN DECEMBER and PUT THE WEIGHT ON MY SHOULDERS, two masterpieces by GINO VANNELLI on Montserrat Caballé's album called: FRIENDS FOR LIFE.
And we have to try to convince people to listen to these duets and ofcourse especially to the

And yesss we received some great e-mails from people from all over the world. We have permission from 3 persons to put their e-mails on this homepage, only to show you how happy we are that we could tell these people about this album and it made their lifes richer and more enjoyable and again with MUSIC!! The miracles of the internet!!

SHORT REVIEWS ON Montserrat Cabballé's album: FRIENDS FOR LIFE.
(From non-Gino Vannelli fans!!!) To:
Dear Barend and Trees;
Before the year is out I just wanted to wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy new millenium-doesn't it seem strange to say 2000? I have been listening to my Cd " Friends for Life" as I write- thank you so much for telling me about it. I love Montserrats voice and I really admire her for singing with all of these different singers-and it all started with Freddie!.I think the pieces with Gino Vannelli are the best apart from the ones with Freddie, but I also like the ones with Vangelis, Khadja Nin and Lotti. I like Gino's : A Rose in December -a beautiful song and the more I hear all of the CD the more I like it. I like Gino's sound better now too-I haven't heard him in some time and I am really impressed with these songs that show a greater depth than ever. Also I have acquired through CDNow the double cd of Montserrat "Eternal" and on it is the beautiful aria I wanted from Il Trovatore," D Amor S'ull allee rosee", so if you can not find the CD of the opera itself please do not worry-I'm so happy with this. Of course if you ever do find it please let me know! All the best, and hope to hear from you in the next century!
Genevieve Haitsma,

Montserrat Caballe' FRIENDS FOR LIFE
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2000 09:57:12 -0500
Thank you so much for informing me about this CD! I not only love Freddie but the whole CD and of course Gino. Every song is unique, all the duets are incredible. I've been listening to it over and over again. Gino's music is so sensitive and beautiful, I can see why you love him. All the other duets are great, heavy metal with classical. I love it all and who would of thought I would ever love opera, but after listening to Caballe', I've learned all music is exciting. What do you think Freddie was thinking when he heard Monty, I think that's what he called her, singing Bohemian Rhapsody. I think he must of laughed his ass off and then tears of joy to hear her sing his song. "A Rose In December" is playing now....It makes me so happy :) Thank you.
Best Wishes for the New Year
Take care,
Cindy Hub, USA.

Subject: Re: Montserrat Caballe' FRIENDS FOR LIFE
Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2000 18:08:25 -0500
To: Hallo, Of course you can put my reaction on your homepage! Thank you for introducing me to Gino and all the other artists. I have not stopped playing the CD, it's awesome! What a mixture of talent, I love Montressat Caballe' for dedicating this to Freddie. Breaking down the barriers between pop and classical music. I love the duets and I think we have Freddie Mercury to thank, I think he was her inspiration for the project. Thanks and keep me posted of anything you think I might enjoy. De allerbeste wensen, Cindy Hub:)

----- Original Message ----- To: Barend en Trees Verwaal -
Dear Barend and Trees,
I can only say THANK YOU for letting me know about the Friends for Life CD, is this a lesson in Music or not?? And we can understand now why you two keep on going about A ROSE INDECEMBER by Gino Vannelli.
I love to listen to this CD because of the difference in voices and some of the duets are real quality and I can assure you GINO VANNELLI is quality. Again THANKS for sharing!
Olivier, France.

----- Original Message ----- dated 2 December 2008 To: Barend en Trees Verwaal - From Drian B. in France. The subject: About Gino Vanelli's song "Rose in december" Hello
I'm a french student in master.
Like you, I saw on TV long time ago this dobble episode "Lucas" of Walker Texas Ranger, wich is clearly the best of the serie for my part and also because of this song.

Well, anyway, I tried to find a way to get this song, accurate sung by Gino Vanelli and his son Anton, just like in the episode, but I never found this version. I have the Monserrat version (english) and the other version, in italian. But I don't have this third version played in this episode and I must say it's truly the best version to me. So if you know how/where to get it....

And today it's the 2nd december, well one day too late (AIDS day, 1st december). I though again about this episode wich touched me very deeply, also for personnal reasons because I knew a girl from my age (when I was 14-15 yeras old) who died from this, so I cannot not think about it, espacially this day.... Well I just wanted also to say that you wrote a very good article on this 3rd page about rose in december......
Well, I hope I didn't disturb you...
Have a nice evening. Adrian

----- Original Message ----- dated Tuesday 22 June 2010 To: Barend en Trees Verwaal - From Kellee Z. in the United States. The subject:
"Una Rosa a Dicembre"

Dear Barend and Trees,
I was just visiting your website and found your posted lyrics to “Una Rosa a Dicembre”.
I thought you would be interested in knowing that there are several mistakes in those posted lyrics.
I hope you won’t think ill of me for pointing them out, but I too am learning a second language, Italian to be specific, and I always want to make sure I am learning the proper words and I always welcome constructive correction(s). Your translation is mostly correct, with just a few misspelled words.
So, if you don’t mind, I have provided the correct translation for you.

A Rose in December

A rose, a cross, a flickering light
A brave face, cold and white
A voice, hushed by heaven’s right
All too soon
Fool am I to grad this life meaning
To dream dreams not worth dreaming
While angels of death are silently scheming

Let me lay my head upon your breast
And whisper words unconfessed
I beg God in my loneliness
Tell me why

Why one so young and tender
Crushed like a rose in December
Lost forever and ever

I will be there when your heart calls on me
Down from a star, on a cloud
From the highest heaven
I will fly
Now don’t you cry

Why one so young and tender
Crushed like a rose in December
Lost forever and ever

I will be there when your heart calls on me
Down from a star, on a cloud
From the highest heaven
I will fly
Now don’t you cry

Take care and thank you for all the new information about Gino!
Kellee Z

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Gino Vannelli and new stuff

----- Original Message ----- dated Monday 2 July 2012 To: Barend en Trees Verwaal - From Holly B.R. in the United States. The subject:
From the Gino Vannelli A ROSE IN DECEMBER web page number 3...

Dear Barend and Trees,
I love the Lucas story and Walker Texas Ranger. I have looked for this song on iTunes but can't find it. Is it on any of Gino's collections. I have always been a huge fan, but a bigger fan since the episodes on Walker with Lucas and the song.
Holly B. R. "He LIVES"

Here are a view lines in the media about the "Friends For Life" Album:
Belgium Newspaper in Dutch, the most important line says : "The tunes or songs who works the best are with the romantic and musical tendency, like the Lotti song and the contributions of GINO VANNELLI."
That is something isn't it?? Gino 's name mentioned out of 16 songs with BIG, BIG names !!!

There was an article about the "Friends For Life" album in the Veronica TV guide number 39 dated 3 October 1997 called : Montserrat with Lotti & Froger.
It's in Dutch but we will try to translate, here we go :
BARCELONA - The Diva : Montserrat Caballé, the celebrated Spanish operasinger and well known for her duets with late Freddie Mercury, made a new cd.
She also sings duets on this cd with for instance Helmut Lotti from Belgium and our own René Froger.

10 years after the borderless hit " Barcelona " the opera Diva went into the studios again with an amount of international singers and also Helmut Lotti and René Froger.
Just like their colleagues both gentlemen travelled to sunny Spain to bring their contribution to the CD : " Friends for Life " .

Lotti : " I was very nervous, it was an extreme honour to sing with her ".

Froger : " Her way of singing touches you exactly in the heart ".

Other famous names who can be heard are : GINO VANNELLI, Johnny Hallyday and Vangelis. (RvK) The end.

ICH MAG'S KLASSISCH by Montserrat Caballé..........

Another GINO VANNELLI treasure for a GINO VANNELLI collection!!
Gino Vannelli's name is mentioned a few times in the CD-booklet.
Mrs. Montserrat Caballé has a great taste and feeling for good music because on this album is a GINO VANNELLI musical work of art :

ICH MAG'S KLASSISCH by Montserrat Caballé, BMG RCA VICTOR 74321 58081 2 bar code: 7 43215 80812 1, made in the EU 1998. We ordered this CD at: Adorishop in Germany, go to: ich suche and search for : Montserrat Caballe, go through the 5 pages and see : " ICH MAG'S KLASSISCH " and you will also see : " FRIENDS FOR LIFE ". Adorishop changed into Alphamusic but this cd is not listed anymore... There are 9 pages with cd's and maybe this cd "ICH MAG'S KLASSISCH" will come back one day... Because it's a must for Gino Vannelli collectors with A ROSE IN DECEMBER on this cd...

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